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Luthier Fren Asken at Asken Guitars

FREN ASKEN owner/luthier


I've been working on guitars since 1975 when I installed a humbucker in my '65 Fender Mustang, and have been working on my own, as well as friends' and acquaintances' guitars ever since. In 2004 after getting a wee bit busy with other peoples instruments I finally decided to make this my full time profession and I have dedicated myself to acquiring the tools and mastering the skills of the craft.

Because I've played in working bands most of my life, I have the same quest for tone and feel as the players I service. I'm passionately committed to helping musicians achieve the best from their instruments.


I was fortunate enough to grow up in a musical family, and have always been mechanically, as well as musically inclined, playing everything from cello to piano to recorder to trombone and, of course guitar, which I was constantly working on and modifying. I studied classical music growing up and moved onto jazz studies as a teenager and beyond, all the while playing in bands ranging from progressive to southern rock to oldies to original rock and even be-bop. I've worked as a session player, have recorded many CD's with various artists, and have been fortunate enough to share the stage with many great musicians I admire.


The reason I mention my musical background is that as a child, I was always impressed with the command of the instrument our piano tuner, or my parents luthier who repaired our violins, violas and cellos had. They were always studied musicians, and virtuosos to some extent. I'm sure my professional experience as a player has made a huge difference in the quality of my luthiery. I believe I'm more sensitive to players needs because of it.

Please email me or call 818-468-2207 to inquire about my services.



Billy has been a real asset to the shop since 2015. An avid guitarist and luthier, he has a background in carpentry, a great eye for detail, a strong work ethic, and a good dose of common sense, so he fits right in around here. He can do all the basic repairs and setups that we do, as well as some of the heavy lifting, including fret dresses, crack repairs, guitar restorations, and Evertune installs. 

He also makes the Millennium Falcon guitar and Rebel Bass (both pictured), in case you like Star Trek.


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