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"What is Evertune?

A patented all mechanical guitar bridge system that keeps your guitar in tune under any conditions."

This is straight off their website and I couldn't have said it better myself. Set up properly, it feels like a conventional guitar, but no matter how much you abuse the strings, it WILL NOT go out of tune.

My relationship with Evertune started in 2011 when they contacted me to install several of them for their first NAMM show and I've installed several hundred since then.

I've installed many Evertune endorsee and pro player guitars, from stadium performing acts, to studio aces, and producers. These pros only use what works, and this works! I had one band tell me they recorded an entire album and didn't have to tune once! Another touring artist told me he did an entire tour and didn't have to tune once either! When I grab a guitar off the wall to test something out, I inevitably grab my Evertune'd Asken Intercooler, because it's ALWAYS in tune.

I'm incredibly jaded when it comes to guitar gadgets, so when they first called me and told me they had a bridge that didn't go out of tune, I said, "Sure you do." But as soon as I tried it, a huge grin came across my face, because it was perfectly in tune and I couldn't pull it out of tune!

I'm sold. It's not for everyone, but for many players, professional and amateur alike, it's invaluable.

You can find out more at​

Music Credit: Blister by Christian Nesmith

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